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DBE Supportive Services

​The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) Civil Rights Office contracted with Tyler Construction Engineers, P.C. (TYLER) to provide DBE firms with management and technical supportive services assistance statewide. This assistance is provided at no cost to TDOT's DBE firms.   TYLER will host a variety of workshops, networking sessions and provide one-on-one assistance on an appointment basis. All seminars, workshops and meetings are open to certified TDOT DBEs, to those firms seeking TDOT DBE program certification, to TNUCP DBE-certified firms who hold (or are bidding on) TDOT contracts, and to prime contractors doing business with TDOT.​

The DBE-SS Program provides training and business assistance services to TDOT-certified DBEs. The benefit of DBEs participating in the activities of this program can help facilitate their development into viable, self-sufficient organizations capable of competing for, and performing on Federally-assisted highway projects.

​If you are interested in additional information on the services offered by the DBE-SS Program or if you are a Prime Contractor seeking quotes​ from certified DBE firms, please contact supportive services toll free 1.888.385.9022 or email at DBE_Supportive_Services@tyler-engineers.com​.​


Program Services Available to DBEs

General Services  
Business Assistance
Technical Assistance 

New DBE Orientation 

DBE Needs Assessments

How to Do Business with DOT/ State/ Federal

​Bid Notification 

DBE Fastrac Newsletter  

Seminars and Workshops  

Networking Opportunities 

DBE Annual Meeting

Business Plan Assistance

Accounting Training

Financial Analysis

Human Resource Training

Info-Tech Assistance    

Loan Packaging Assistance

Bond Packaging Assistance 

Marketing Plan Assistance​

Cost Estimating Training    

Bid Preparation Methods   

Project Scheduling      

Contract Plans & Specifications Reading  

Cash Flow Planning

Project Management 

Project Cost Accounting

​ Business Development Program  

The Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) also contracted with TYLER to develop and administer TDOT's newest effort, the Business Development  Program

This is a voluntary program designed to evaluate and provide a structured process for DBEs to receive firm-specific training and guidance to assist in their growth and competitiveness within the transportation industry. The program will provide each DBE firm with a full detailed business operations assessment, structured one-on-one training based on their business assessment, and a host of other opportunities to increase their competiveness in the construction industry. Firms who are interested in the Business Development Program must complete the Needs Assessment (required for all DBE firms seeking Supportive Service assistance) and must be construction services, engineering or a material supplier to the highway construction industry.

Services includes ....

  • Detailed Business Assessments
  • Management & Technical Training Action Plan
  • Strategic Marketing and Business Development Training
  • Accounting Software System Customization  & Training 
  • Leadership Development Coaching  
  • Employee Manual Development  
  • Spreadsheet Cost Estimating
  • Detailed Bid Proposal Training  
  • Project Management Development   
  • Teaming/ Joint-Venture Assistance ​

​​​If you are interested in additional information on the services offered by the DBE-SS Program or if you are a Prime Contractor seeking quotes from certified DBE firms, please contact supportive services toll free 1.888.385.9022 or email at DBE_Supportive_Services@tyler-engineers.com​.​

Supportive Services Consultants on Call

TYLER  has more than a decade of experience encouraging and assisting small minority and women-owned business in the engineering and construction industry. TYLER dedicated itself on providing responsive, timely professional management and technical services to maximize small businesses'long-term viability, competitive capacity, and profitability.

Victor C. Tyler, P.E.,  Cost & Pricing Expert / Lead A/E/C Management Consultant

Marshall Tabb, Program Manager, Financial Specialist / Leadership Development 

​Curtis Webb, Strategic Marketing Expert / Business Development

​Ericka  L. Hayes, CPA, Strategic Business Consultant / Business Plan Specialist

​Jay B. Mercer, E.A., QuickBooks Pro-advisor / Small Business Tax Specialist

​Sandra T. Webb, QuickBooks Pro-advisor Trainer / Certified Payroll Consultant

​Teresa C. Daniel, PHR, Human Resource Consultant / Leadership Development

​Marie Y. Williams, Human Resource Consultant / Leadership Development

Our consultants are ready and waiting to assist you with ANY question you have! Have a nagging HR question that has been on your mind? Want to set up a job cost accounting system for your company but don't know the first step? Want to diversify your business but not sure which direction to take? Want to know the easiest and best ways to maximize your estimating and bidding resources ? We are here for you!

Our consultants are a valuable resource who hold a vast range of knowledge and expertise.
  • Need advice on how to get your business to the next level?
  • Having trouble navigating the right way to diversify your company?
  • Need to change your sales strategy but not sure how?
  • You need additional training on bid estimating or project budget developing?
  • All at no cost to TDOT certified DBEs.

​The answers are at your fingertips with Consultants on Call. It's that easy! Please contact supportive services toll free 1.888.385.9022 or email at DBE_Supportive_Services@tyler-engineers.com​.​


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